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True North Textiles is a design studio that makes flat woven rugs and wall art. We design and manufacture our textiles in Bellingham, WA.


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Custom Marcus R rugs

Amy Tyson

In January, we worked on a custom order of our Marcus R pattern for a client. They requested several rugs inspired by a piece of fabric, and it turned out really special.

The fabric and strike-off.

The fabric and strike-off.

Based on the fabric, we created three different colorways which emphasized different colors: navy, green, and medium blue. 

Custom color of Marcus R on the loom.

Custom color of Marcus R on the loom.

One of the final steps in our process is carefully going over the front of the rug and correcting any imperfections in the weaving.

Marcus R in Autumn Wheat 

Marcus R in Autumn Wheat 

It's always fun to see a design go from a tiny strike-off to a huge area rug, and this project was no exception!