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True North Textiles is a boutique weaving studio producing original rugs that experiment with contemporary color and texture while remaining reverent to time-honored traditions. We specialize in working closely with designers and homeowners to develop palettes and patterns that integrate effortlessly and beautifully into interior design schemes. Our rugs are made in America


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Custom Marcus R rugs

Amy Tyson

In January, we worked on a custom order of our Marcus R pattern for a client. They requested several rugs inspired by a piece of fabric, and it turned out really special.

The fabric and strike-off.

The fabric and strike-off.

Based on the fabric, we created three different colorways which emphasized different colors: navy, green, and medium blue. 

Custom color of Marcus R on the loom.

Custom color of Marcus R on the loom.

One of the final steps in our process is carefully going over the front of the rug and correcting any imperfections in the weaving.

Marcus R in Autumn Wheat 

Marcus R in Autumn Wheat 

It's always fun to see a design go from a tiny strike-off to a huge area rug, and this project was no exception!