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True North Textiles is a boutique weaving studio producing original rugs that experiment with contemporary color and texture while remaining reverent to time-honored traditions. We specialize in working closely with designers and homeowners to develop palettes and patterns that integrate effortlessly and beautifully into interior design schemes. Our rugs are made in America



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New Blink

Amy Tyson

Sophisticated Runners Add Dazzle

We just finished a couple of runners that are Blink Cinder. Blink pattern is really great for adding some crazy colorful colors to a neutral base. We try to work in a pop of red wherever we can.

Blink Cinder Hand woven Rug

Blink Cinder Hand woven Rug

Angela weaving Blink.

Angela weaving Blink.

Here’s Angela weaving one of the runners. She weaves a few rows (picks) of neutral and then a pick of the “dots”. The computer in the background is set to the pattern so when she works the foot pedal it just rotates to the next combination of harnesses and lifted warp yarns.

Blink Cinder Hand woven Rug

Blink Cinder Hand woven Rug

The finished runners have a subtle, random pattern. Sometimes the red dots dominate, sometimes black, sometimes neutral so the pattern will disappear in patches.