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True North Textiles is a boutique weaving studio producing original rugs that experiment with contemporary color and texture while remaining reverent to time-honored traditions. We specialize in working closely with designers and homeowners to develop palettes and patterns that integrate effortlessly and beautifully into interior design schemes. Our rugs are made in America



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Introducing Tiger's Eye

Amy Tyson

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from what is already at hand. Here are the first couple of our new patterns which are fresh takes on older ideas. 

Tiger Eye is an adaption of a Lark Diamond design. We wanted to give it more of a tree bark or animal skin feeling. The unexpected and irregular shapes to add drama.

Tiger's Eye Deep Green, Forest and Russet

Tiger's Eye Deep Green, Forest and Russet

Meg Weaving Tiger Eye.

Meg Weaving Tiger Eye.

Tiger Eye Charcoal

Tiger Eye Charcoal

This is a chunkier weave than we've been doing lately. Lots of cushion.