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True North Textiles is a boutique weaving studio producing original rugs that experiment with contemporary color and texture while remaining reverent to time-honored traditions. We specialize in working closely with designers and homeowners to develop palettes and patterns that integrate effortlessly and beautifully into interior design schemes. Our rugs are made in America

Melange Collection

This collection transforms excess material with artistic vision to create one-of-a kind rugs. Recycling from past projects into new runners, our weavers—Meg, Aurora, or Michelle—masterfully arranged these delightful colors into subtle but sophisticated rugs. The colors were carefully chosen to create lots of visual interest in unexpected and fresh combinations. Each weaver was sensitive to the process of choosing colors and let the rug unfold as relationship between color groups emerged.


Each rug is 30” x 72”. Made from our standard cotton warp and rug wool weft, there might also be tiny accents of rayon chenille and tencel. Our wool weft is soft yet durable New Zealand rug wool leftover from custom projects. Each rug was woven by an individual weaver, so each rug has the personal eye of its weaver.