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True North Textiles is a boutique weaving studio producing original rugs that experiment with contemporary color and texture while remaining reverent to time-honored traditions. We specialize in working closely with designers and homeowners to develop palettes and patterns that integrate effortlessly and beautifully into interior design schemes. Our rugs are made in America


About Us

About the team at True North Textiles

Amy Tyson started True North Textiles in 2014. 

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Michelle weaving background and Meg weaving foreground.

Michelle weaving background and Meg weaving foreground.


True North Textiles is made up of a group of artisans that are excited to contribute to the vibrant weaving culture that is thriving in Washington state. We weave on looms that are manufactured in the United States specifically designed to produce rugs. Although patterns are frequently designed on the computer, all rugs are woven by hand to retain the feel and natural variation of a hand made product.  If you are in the area, we welcome you to our studio to see what’s on the loom and discover what we can create for you!


Amy Jo Tyson

Amy Jo Tyson

CEO & Creative Director

Approaching art and design from several disciplines, Amy Jo Tyson founded True North Textiles with the intention of creating enduring works of art that enliven the home and spirit. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Amy has created original art used in rugs and wallpaper for an international clientele.  Working for renowned carpet companies gave her a command of materials and processes and a frustration with the lack of immediacy and control common in working with international factories. A lifelong painter and nature lover, Amy has lived in and traveled across the country before returning home to the Pacific Northwest.  Jumping at the opportunity to create uncompromised designs in a local workshop Amy is excited to collaborate with designers and home owners to create original carpets with unique texture and fabulous color.

Amy Jo Tyson